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Okay so I was trying to put together and Arkhosia expidiion homebrew and wanted to get some more Info on it or potentialy rip relentlasly off others who have all ready done it. 
Okay not realy rip of but rather get so Ideas on how to get there whats going on.
right now all I've got is some scattered Ideas with no relivance too each other. The most compleat Idea I have is for Arkhosia city with IVery anchent and insain dragonborn Doctor trying to breed supper soldiers to win the war that is centuries past.
I have not worked Arkhosia before, but this is a very interesting idea.

One question: Why is the party coming here in the first place? Treasure hunting? Villian purging? The initial why gives a good base for a larger overarching plot with the expidition.

As for extra ideas with the city, here are a few.
     -Arhosia used drakes of all sizes in thier campaigns, and wild herds of rage drakes, spitting drakes, felldrakes, and maybe a fang titan drake prey on creatures within the vast ruins. (Perhaps the doctor is combing them with the dragonborn)

     -Arkosia was also ruled by dragon lords. It cast down ages ago, and perhaps an elder or ancient dragon slumbers within the city. It could also be controlling/influencing the doctor with its deep seated rage.

     -Tieflings attempted one last assault on the city before thier empire fell. They opened dozens of portals and released a small horde of devils that now lord over the broken realm. Perhaps the tieflings used incredibly powerful rituals to send entire city districts to Avernus, and exploration of the city requires stepping between the planes. Infernal cults could also be growing here under the protection of the devils.

     -If dragons and noble dragonborn often had wings, Arkhosia probably had grand spires and palaces. Perhaps the only way into the richer estates or the most untouched abodes is by flight. If the party has no natural flight capabilities, they could capture a wyvern to explore and get into aerial combat and challenges.

     -Yuan-ti cultists could have claimed the city sewers and cisterns in the hope of unlocking the old draconic powers hidden away in the city for thier dark god Zehir.

Hope this helps. I may think of more later.

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