the gates of firestorm peak 2nd ed

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I have the gates of firestorm peak adventure for 2nd edition but I don't have the maps to it. Does anyone know of a complete map online anywhere?
I don't remember but even if you don't have the poster maps do you at least have the set up for the battles that a supposed to take place at those locations?  I know I have those maps 'somewhere' but copying them  isn't such an easy task.  I guess I could maybe photograph them if I can find them.
i do have the rest of the module so I can run it but, i just lose the fun of the adventures guessing where to go. 
So you don't have ANY of the maps that go with it.  I know that adventure also included four poster sized maps that were suitable for minis with it and I figured those are the ones you are missing.
Ok, I went and dug out the adventure.  Didn't find the actual book but did find the maps.  It seems I am off just a little; there are three battle maps and then the overall adventure map on one of the posters.  PM my an email address and I could photograph them and mail them to you.
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