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As I plan to run a game in Sharn. I am wondering aside from the speech mentioned in the five nations what sort of slang would exist particularly in Sharn. As a melting pot, I assume that there would be speech from many languages such as goblin, dwarven, elven, gnomish and so on. However I have little idea what those particular languages are like in Eberron.

So any assitance here would be welcome.

Five Nations has a selection of common sayings from each nation, so you could use those, using all of them in Sharn and just the Brelish ones outside of the city to represent Sharn as more cosmopolitan. Any old 3.5 book you can find with a section on the language of elves, dwarves, gnomes, dragons, etc often will have a selection of phrases as well. I know Races of the Dragon had a bunch of phrases in Draconic. I'm not sure what book to look in, but I would imagine you could find something similar for dwarves, gnomes, etc.
Bassingthwaite's Legacy of Dhakaan series has a lot of goblin in it.

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