4e Ranger Twin Strike Help?

I'm a fairly new member of this site, but I've dm'd a party for a good two years.  One of my party members has taken to char-op'ing, and has made a two-blade ranger, having something around a +17 modifier to his twin strike attack rolls at level 6.  I'm not sure this is possible, so I took a look at his character sheet. 

He's been using dual bastard swords, and most of his things check out okay.  However, with bastard swords (he's taken proficiency feats with them), the proficiency bonus is +3 for one sword.  What he's been doing with his twin strike attack rolls is he adds the cumulative proficiency bonus from both bastard swords for each attack roll (so with TS, he adds +6 for the first roll, and +6 for the second roll).  This is the part I'm not sure of, and a google search hasn't brought up an answer.  The description in the phb seems to support this, but I just want to double check.  Anyone who can bring up official rulings would be really helpful, or just advice on this.  Thanks!
You're in the D&D Next/5e feedback group. Suggest you take this question to a 4e group, where people are more likely to help.

That said: No, I don't think it works that way RAW.

Quoting from PHB on Twin Strike:

Strength vs. AC (melee; main weapon and off-hand weapon) or Dexterity vs. AC (ranged), two attacks


The proficiency bonus gained from proficiency with a weapon applies to attack rolls made using that weapon.
You gain the proficiency bonus only when using powers that have the weapon keyword.

So, since main weapon and off-hand weapon could be quite different, with differing attack bonuses, crit ranges, &c, I read this as: Make an attack with your main-hand weapon, then with your off-hand weapon. On the first attack you get the proficiency bonus from the main weapon, on the second attack that from the off-hand weapon.

I see no way the two attack bonuses would stack. If you want to know for sure, make a L1 ranger in the character builder, and you'll see how Twin Strike ends up.

And don't forget: You're the DM. If you think something is game-breaking, disallow it. I mean be reasonable, and consistent, but still. For example, it would be A-OK for a DM to say "no you can't make a CoDzilla. That's not fun for the group. I know RAW allows it, but I don't allow it at my table."
Ah, didn't realize I'd posted in the wrong subforum.  Thanks for pointing that out.

The way the ranger player describes it, when he uses twin strike he's hitting the target with both swords at once, then he does the same thing again, to justify stacking the prof. bonuses.  I don't like pulling out my DM powers, but I guess if the book is going to be that ambiguous I haven't got much choice. 
I am pretty sure you attack with weapon #1 then weapon #2. I don't recall any ability that lets you attack with two weapons at the same exact time. (if you do it should deal double damage on each roll too). I don't think the book is being ambiguous I think your player is trying his best to power game and get an awesome attack role that the rules do not support.
Your player is reading twin strike wrong. he needs to make a single attack for EACH melee weapon, or EACH shot from a ranged weapon. It's two attacks total, one for each hand. He can happily read that as striking at the same time or in succession, that's role playing fluff and can add to fun at the table. Has no impact on mechanics though.
also keep in mind no str/dex bonus to damage with twin strike . Feat bonuses etc still apply.

 It's most assuredly not 'hit with both weapons at once using one roll, then do it again. you dont even need DM powers, he's just not following raw for twin strike.
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