DDM or sale and Tokens

I'm trying to pay yet another purchase on my credit card! Please help me from "melting my credit card" due to frequent use!

Who am I? You can Google my screen name "Monkplayer" and find I'm in excellent standing on all the role-playing forums I frequent. I'm on at least 8-10 forums all under the same name Monkplayer. I've also had a Ebay account for over 10 years as a buyer and seller with 100% positive feedback.

I buy a lot of gaming supplies and as in many cases I don't need every item when I buy a group of items. I'm NOT a store owner but just an avid collector and GM who prefers to use miniatures and terrain as often as possible.

Dungeon & Dragons pre-painted miniatures:

Treant: Giants of Legend $14.00 
Maug:Blood War $3.00 X2 
Bluespawn Stormlizard: Bloodwar $2.00 
Dire Bear Mauler:Demonweb $2.00 
Dire Bear:Deathknell $2.00 
Dire Bat: Underdark $4.00 
Black Dragon Lurker:Demonweb $16.00 
Warforged Titan:Giants of Legend $20.00 
Nightwalker: Giants of Legend $6.00

I have three token sets but two of the sets I'm unsure what set they belong to. One set is the Cleric token set. 
Each set is $5 each.

I also have a factory sealed Rocketmen Axis of Evil card set for $3. You can contact me directly at heredragondragonATcoxDOT.net.
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