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Hi All,

I've got a 9th level weaponmaster in scalemail +2 black iron armour.

My calc is 10 +4(1th lvl) + 7 (scale) +2 (magic bonus) =23. No bonus for dex/int as it's heavy armour.

The character builder has the AC as 24 though and i can't see where the extra 1 comes from.

any ideas?
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The discrepency come from The armor itself. Before there was Masterwork armor granting AC Bonus but after Essentials this math was directly rolled into armors. According to the Heroes of the Fallen Land (pg. 344), the base Armor Bonus for a Scale armor +2 is 8, not 7.

Armor Class: 10 +4 (1/2 level) +8 (armor bonus) +2 (enhancement bonus) =24.
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