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I can not seem to figure out when Rise of the Underdark is set in. Does anyone know for sure? and for that matter what does DR stand for in the drow timeline?
I can not seem to figure out when Rise of the Underdark is set in. Does anyone know for sure? and for that matter what does DR stand for in the drow timeline?

It starts in 1480 DR according to Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue.

DR stands for Dalereckoning so it's definitely not a drow term. I do not believe that any drow-specific calendar has ever been revealed in FR but I suppose you could simply convert DR years to, say, MF years where MF stands for Menzoberranzan's Founding.
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Rise of the underdark predicted back in 1995 in canon?

Perhaps we're just lucky!  I was digging through an ancient module I played years ago trying to convert to 4e and stumbled upon this lost gem:

Forest Gnome Exodus
Many years ago, these gnomes lived within the trees. hiding from the travelers who frequented their forest. Then acting upon the advice of Telimas Dreamweaver, they set about building a trading post.

Inquisitive players may want to know why the gnomes left the trees to conduct trade with the humans and other Dales traders. Although this is beyond the scope of the module, it rests upon a vision that Telimas had all those years ago.

Telimas saw a wave of spiders marching across the Realms, destroying everything that stood before it. The black horde was led by a dark skinned elven female with a crown of glittering silver. Everyone, gnomes, elves, dwarves, and humans alike died before her onslaught.

Since many spiders make their homes in Spiderhaunt Wood, Telimas thought that his clan might be able to prevent this spider queen from succeeding if the gnomes knew what was going on both inside and outside their realm.

Establishing a merchant trade within Spiderhaunt and specializing in the sale of spider good seemed the most logical way to accomplish this. Contact with traders and citizens from far beyond the woods increases the chances of hearing about something amiss elsewhere, Telimas believes.

This is on page 11 of "The Secret of Spiderhaunt" published back in '95.  So, for those who hate the "new" lore, perhaps it will make you feel to know better that in a way, this was "prophesized" 17 years ago!
Interesting find Crazyhawk. thanks for sharing. That is pretty cool, kinda reminds me of when they rolled out 3rd edition and they introduced those damn shades, I was thinking it seemed a little goofy to add in Netherese wizards who supposedly long ago got stuck in the Shadow Plane, until I reread the Netheril boxed set and saw that they was in there, they had that set up back in the 2e days. Kinda makes me think that maybe they do know what theyre doing.
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Hmmm... that is kinda interesting actually.  Though I think you're giving them a bit too much credit there Silversword.

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I think it's giving them waaaaay too much credit.  I just thought it interesting that a throw in plot hook for continuing adventures in a module written 17 years ago...could be similar to the most current RSE.  if you throw enough darts, eventually you hit the board!
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