Ruins of War DT : anyone seen this?

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The new Ruins of War dungeon tile set should be available now but I havn't heard a single thing about it. Not even WotC has made mention of it which is wierd because they usually put up a few previews for the DT sets.

Has anyone seen this set? If so, what do you think of it?
According to the Product Catalog, Ruins of War was released on November 20, 2012

If desired, Amazon has 2 Customer Review so far.
they look pretty awesome, but i havent bought them yet. i saw the package at the flgs though and the examples on the back all looked cool
 I bought the set and looks awesome. It is also cool it is a full set, don't have to buy more to complete.
Got mine. I like the clever design that on one side you see the proper item and on the backside it's broken...
bought two of these. was highly impressed, the bandit camp i made is something i'm looking forward to using. especially given it works with the wilderness, woods, and old school ruins of the wild sets.
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