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Ok so my deck is ment for cost efficency. Im looking to upgrade it as i get more money. Any and all advice is appreciated.

3x rakdos cackler
4x goblin arsonist
1x typhoid rats
2x rakdos shred-freak
2x thrill-kill assassin 
3x rix maadi guildmage
3x splatter thug
1x dark impostor
2x chandra, the firebrand
1x necropolis regent
1x rakdos, lord of riots
1x bloodfray giant

creatures = 24

flames of the firebrand x 3
ultimate price x1
annihilating fire x2
sign in blood x1
rakdos keyrune x1
deviant glee x4

sorceries/instants/artifacts = 12

10x mountain
10x swamp
1x dragonskull summit
4x rakdos guildgate 

lands = 25 

So im thinking of picking up another lord of riots and taking out the bloodfray giant, also im going to be adding some vampire night hawks. 
 Anytips and advice appreciated.

any help at all would be great
The best super budget list you'll get is this for R/B:

x4 Rakdos Cackler
x4 Rakdos Shred-Freak
x4 Gore-House Chainwalker
x4 Hellhole Flailer
x4 Splatter Thug
x4 Bloodfray Giant

x4 Rakdos Keyrune
x4 Annihilating Fire
x4 Deviant Glee
x2 Dark Favor

Replace one of the creatures probably a gore-house or bloodfray for a rakdos lord of riots that you have. Drop your lands to 23 you don't need 25 in a deck like this. 23 will work fine, even 22 lands. Some of the cards you have in your list are some good cards but they're not meant for an aggro deck especially necrop regent, by the time you'll be able to cast the 3BBB you'll want to have ended the game by then. Vampire nighthawks are good as well. With this list I just gave you they are all commons/uncommons and you could build it for very cheap. It's never a really good idea to toss all of your cards together it's best to have a consistant mana curve and creatures/spells that will get you to where you want to go as quickly as your deck can. And for a small budget this is as good as it's going to get. And as you get more cards you can add them, especially dual lands, maybe ash zealots, hellriders, and other really good r/b aggro cards.
alright well i recently acquired 3 gutter snipes, im thinking about changing it alot to where guttersnipe and chandra play togeather. so there would be more spells and burn
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