Need a good name for a warforged nation!

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I'm running a campaign where the Lord of Blades is taking control of Cyre (the Mournland) in order to establish a warforged nation. I'd really appreciate some good suggestions for the name of this warforged nation. Thanks in advance! Laughing 
I never got to use it in-game but the name I had in mind for a warforged nation was Forgeheart.
Warforged like simple names that reflect the purpose of what is being named. So they could just call it "Home" or "Homeland". The Lord of Blades often seems kind of megalomaniacal, so he might name is after himself as "Kingdom of Blades" or possibly "Empire of Blades" depending on his intentions. Or possibly "Refuge" if he's trying to draw more Warforged to him. "Forgeheart" is nice if you're eschewing the idea of the Warforged naming their nation simply, which they might as they become more socially sophisticated.

Perhaps the LoBster would call it "Cyre" or "Galifar" to represent how he intends to assume the mantle of the old kingdom. Possibly even to mock the other nations, or even try to lend himself some legitimacy if he wants to establish a permanent state. Many, many Warforged considered themselves Cyran (being that Cyre used them more than any other nation), its entirely possible that they want to rebuild what they see as their birth-nation. It could lead to an interesting situation where the LoBster offers protection to Cyran refugees in exchange for them acknowledging his sovereignty over them. Perhaps in addition to Warforged, he could be gathering human allies by promising a campaign to build them a new home in Valenar or the Talenta Plains. I know the LoBster is suggested to be quite homicidal toward humans, but they could be useful tools anyway, or it might be depicting his intent to rule over them wrong, depending on your intention for him.
Trueforge or Freeforge.
Cheers Imruphel aka Scrivener of Doom

Perhaps the LoBster would call it "Cyre" or "Galifar" to represent how he intends to assume the mantle of the old kingdom.

This is the route I would go, and just call it Cyre.  Basically say that as the only citizens of Cyre, it is their country now, and they can demand recognition.
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