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Hey everyone,

     We are currently open to some new players who would be dedicated to making our weekend games. We normally play on the 1st and 3rd of every month (Saturdays, normally). Our game has lost a couple players due to real life so we are currently looking for new blood to spice up the game. Our games can lean from Roleplaying to Combat, depending on the group and how they react to situations. The game is not really limited to any books in 3.5 but if a bit outrageous, you might need to bring it up with the DM. We are open to males and females and the group would prefer maturity, especially to deal with vulgarity and a variety of senses of humor! Let me know if you would be interested and meet up somewhere to get to know myself and other players! :D
Does you game still have room?

 I'm an experienced 3.5 and below (edition) player with several years of playing/dm'ing.  My usualy group disbanded recently because of real life moves and career changes.  Presently I'm looking for a group with a semi-mature feeling or audience which allows for strong roleplaying.  Please let me know if you are still looking for players.
Hello my name is Mark Christie what part of OC are you talking about I live in Palm Springs so just curious i can see my self going to oc for a game but what type do you play?
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