Naked in a dungeon with nothing: A4 Slavelords Finale

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I dug this scenario out the other night.  I don't think I've ever run it, but I played it once 25 years ago. 

Any of you play it?  Any memories of it and thoughts on how it would work in more recent incarnations of the game?


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The nature of the game in 25 years has drastically changed. In this x-box generation, most players would rather lose a level than lose their equipment. They will scream, moan, complain, rant, cry, beg, and argue rules how "it couldn't have happened", pointing out rules in the books for hours to avoid this fate.

Definitely run it!  Prepare to be hated, and practice your most evil laugh.

Edit to add:  I forgot to mention that I fondly remember and recall that module, right down to the boggles.
The entire slave lord series was originally a set of tournament modules. They are patched together kinda hodgepodge, and for a campaign that can be pretty painful.

But as a one-off, it sure tests resourcefulness...ESPECIALLY if the characters don't know the module they are attempting, so things like UA strike, monks, psychics, Eschew Materials, and similar things are not taken.

It's got what's called 'grit' and 'realism', something the high fantasy tone of 3.5 play rarely has. Go ahead and run them, and let the players find out how resourceful they are.

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