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I am thinking about buying this game.  I was wondering the initial price of $9.99 is all I have to pay or is there regular monthly payments or additional expansions that you have buy.  How often do the expansions come out etc? Also, it says you can unlock cards by beating opponents or purchasing them.  Is it fair to say that you will have an opportunity to earn the unlock cards or is it hard to find opponents that haven't stacked their decks by paying for the card unlocks?  It would really suck to buy the game not be able to win a match because you are up against stacked decks.

Anyway, I appreciate any feedback about the game in general that anyone has, good or bad.  I look forward to hearing from y'all.

There is one expansion (5 decks) and 2 deckpacks (2 decks each; second one releases next week). A third one will be released in January.
They're optional, as they don't add cards to the core game decks.
No card dlc for any deck, you can fully unlock any deck you own right away.
You can always unlock vs AI if you don't wanna play people with fully unlocked decks.

Take a look at the decklists to decide whether you like them or not. Imo you get a nice variety of themes, but keep in mind that the decks will never change, as we don't get new cards for existing ones. The third deck pack in January will be the last dlc for this game.
No monthly fees !!! You can unlock 30 extra cards for each deck by winning a match !! That's campaign or online multiplayer. You get 1 card per win so some people just play the story mode over and over again!! Some players just pick a very easy match up and grind out wins Against the same opponent !! Those are very time consuming Options so I like to buy deck keys off the marketplace . They cost around 80 Microsoft points and lets you unlock all 30 cards at once !! This game is very balanced but if you have no cards unlocked and playing against a fully unlocked ,tweaked and promo cards added deck they most definetly have a advantage over you. There's been 3 expansions per game which consist of 2-3 new decks at a time !! For the price it's an amazing deal and you shouldn't think twice about buying it !!
Good game. Never played Magic before it came to XBLA. Love the digital game now. If you have any interest in it at all, at such a low price, buy it without hesitation.
If you have any interest in playing MTG at all, this is such a bargain.
Hours and hours of gameplay, mutiplayer interaction (I've become first name basis friends with many in my extended playgroup), and a forum full of knowledgeable players willing to share their opinions (weather you ask for them or not some times.. Smile).

It's a winner that just gets better every year.

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Mastergear_Owen's take on Magic 2014 Campaign.

You know what I've got more issues. Whats up with the story in this game? The adverts said I was going to team up with Chandra and we were going to kick butt and chew bubblegum across the planes on a revenge campaign against some... guy she knew I guess? Who's Ramaz anyway? What do I get instead? I beat Chandra like 2 minutes in with a mono-green stompy thing Garruk gave me (why does he keep giving all these new planeswalkers his deck) and then I spent like 5 hours jumping from plane to plane picking up random nicknacks for her mantlepiece while she sits back back doing her nails or something. I was thrown in jail! I got hit by a Roil Storm twice! Do you know how many rats are on Ravnica, Chandra? All of them! All of the rats! All of the rats eating me!

Then we go kick her Ex's bearded-screaming-butt and what does she do to help? Nothing! She throws of the occasional fire ball and spends her time trying not to freeze to death. You should have worn pants Chandra. While we're on the subject what happened to your shoes? You had like Steelies on. Steelies are cool. Now your running around with stupid boots with like 5-inch heels? Thats not appropriate footware for Planeswalking! That's not appropriate footware for normal walking! At least Liliana is doing it for the whole 'evil is sexy' thing and can summon undead to carry her when she breaks her ankle. What are you going to do ride a Phoenix? Its made of fire! You'll fall right through! Man I should have gone Planeswalking with Liliana - yeah she'd crack my head open with a rock 5 minutes in and raise my corpse to serve her but at least we could have gone dancing!

Now with more original content and open bar!

It's an awesome game, with at least 30 cards to unlock for each deck, BUT...I have to warn you...people seem to be disappointed that you can't build a complete deck from scratch. You have the 10 decks on the game, plus 5 from one expansion, and 6 more coming sold in sets of 2. One set of two is out, another next week. These decks have at least 30 cards to swap in and out of them each, 15 have 40, and you cannot trade between decks at all. Most of us are fine with this, and it is well worth the money, but I think you should at least know before you buy it. 
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This game provides virtually unlimited playtime for about 20$  Alot of paper magic players I know really don't like it.  I think it's because everyone's on the same footing, and you can't buy your way to a better deck.  For someone on a budjet like me though, that's the main selling point.  Unlocking the decks manually can be a real nuisance, but thankfully the full card unlocks are only 1$ per deck.  
The same as pretty much everyone else, I have found this game to be great value for money and have put an insane amount of time into playing it. Some people don't like having to play games to unlock each card, but there are also plenty of us who think that is one of the best parts. Because you are only unlocking one card at a time, you can get a feel for each of the cards as you add them in one by one during the unlocking process. You may find cards that you would have otherwise excluded are actually really good, and you may not have found that out if you had unlocked it all in one go. It allows you to get a real feel for the decks.

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