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I was looking through the Manual of the Planes and found that many creatures have "keywords" mentioned in their powers. I wasn't able to find any specific rules/descriptions of those keywords.

For example, Canoloth has this in his "Canoloth Yowl" power description : "Close burst 1; targets creatures without the demon keyword.."

So, what are they? How are they used/gained?

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The Monster Manual explains:

"Some monsters have keywords that further define them.  These keywords represent groups of monsters, such as angel, demon, devil, dragon, and undead.  Others indicate that a creature is made up of or strongly linked to a certain type of elemental force: air, cold, earth, fire, or water.  Monsters can have more than one keyword." (page 6).

So, much like keywords on powers, these keywords don't necessarily have specific rules attached to them, but they can be referenced by other things (Like the power you cited, or a sword that deals extra damage against Devils).  Think of them as a handy way of grouping a monster.
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