Bought premium 1st edition Dungeons Dragons book...CAMPAIGN setting?

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I started playing D&D after reading the Hobbit in the late 70's. Loved the early edition of the game so when the reprints came up for sale I bought all three. Also, I just found out that many of the older adventures, and other core rule books, will likewise be reprinted!!!!!Cool

Now that my favorite game, from my youth, is in reprint I need a campaign setting for it. Which setting was ment for 1st edition rules and moduals such as the 'S' series ( Dungeons of Dread) and 'A' series ( Against the Slave Lords)?

Thanks guys and thank you WotC for the fantastic work in reprinting the classics!      
Both the S series and A series modules for AD&D were set in the World of Greyhawk.

One of my favorite campaigns for Greyhawk is to start out the characters in the Keep on the Borderlands (not actually Greyhawk), then move on to:

A1-4 (Slavers)
G1-3 (Giants)
D1-3 (Descent, Shrine, Vault)
Q1 (Queen of the Demonweb Pits)

The G, D and Q series all lead into each other so with a little imagination you can string together KoTB and the Slavers and lead into the G series from there.  A little modification to allow for appropriate levelling at the right time will help too.

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      RedSeigfried's list was a pretty standard campaign back in the day. I played through that same basic progression several times back then. If the party's level doesn't quite sync up with the expected levels the modules were written for, either fill in the empty space with some random adventuring not really related to the main plot arc or just handwave it so that they always start off the adventures at the appropriate level and just make up the story of what they've been doing in the meantime...
 There are a number of minor encounters you can rip from other 1st. Ed. modules to intersperse with the ones you're running.

 When playing through the earlier modules, make sure you throw in a number of references to the creatures/organizations/plots of the later modules - for example, the rumor list in KotB could also include mentions of slavers or a rumor about giants living farther up in the mountains...

 Check out places like used bookstores and online to pick up 1st Ed. books and modules at a reasonable price - it takes a bit of hunting, but if you're the sort who enjoys digging around for old treasures it's actually pretty fun.



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Well, based upon the "named" spells in the PHB, several magic items, & most of the artifacts?  Your default world is Greyhawk.
But there's absolutely nothing hindering you from setting a 1e game somewhere else.

As far as the old 1e modules go?  Almost all of them are set somewhere on the Greyhawk map.
And anything else 1e/BECMI can be dropped into that setting fairly easily (some even offer sugestions about where to place them depending upon the setting you choose).
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