Red/Black EDH causing disruption.

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I don't know if grouphate would be the word for it, but I am looking to build a red/black EDH deck that causes disruption to all players making the game much more chaotic and rediculous. Really, I am looking for suggestions on cards to put in such as Scrambleverse.

Winning is not the point, causing the game to become disorderly and rediculous is. 

As a disclaimer, I am not using this deck with people at my LGS but with a close group of friends, so nobody will be unknowingly forced to play into the rediculousness.

Thanks for the suggestions.

TLDR; Looking for Red/Black cards that make the game stupid/weird/unplayable.

Red and blue are best for this, but in my experience, the novelty of these decks wears out pretty fast.  When you can't rely on being able to play what you put in your deck, it kinda stops being fun.
Sounds like my "Orderly Chaos" deck featuring [C]Gisela, Blade of Goldnight[/C]. My goal with the deck is usually to systematically create as much chaos and warping of the normal game state as possible. It's mostly red but there are some good white cards that help with this plan as well.

[C]Leonin Arbiter[/C]
[C]Phyrexian Revoker[/C]
[C]Tunnel Ignus[/C]
[C]Jaya Ballard, Task Mage[/C]
[C]False Prophet[/C]
[C]Creepy Doll[/C]
[C]Invader Parasite[/C]
[C]Magma Phoenix[/C]
[C]Urabrask the Hidden[/C]
[C]Capricious Efreet[/C]
[C]Avarice Totem[/C]
[C]Grafdigger's Cage[/C]
[C]Price of Progress[/C] (LOLs when Gisela is in play!)
[C]Sundial of the Infinite[/C]
[C]Temporal Aperture[/C]
[C]Bludgeon Brawl[/C]
[C]Personal Sanctuary[/C]
[C]Ajani Vengeant[/C]
[C]Glory of Warfare[/C]
[C]Into the Core[/C]
[C]Isolation Cell[/C]
[C]Leyline of Punishment[/C]
[C]Norn's Annex[/C]
[C]Reforge the Soul[/C]
[C]Omen Machine[/C]
[C]Soul Conduit[/C]
[C]Sudden Disappearance[/C]
[C]Warstorm Surge[/C]
[C]Wild Evocation[/C]
[C]Alpha Brawl[/C]
[C]Warp World[/C]
[C]Blasphemous Act[/C] 

                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

When trying something like this, I tend toward indiscriminate carnage. Things like Exsanguinate, Midnight Banshee, Carnifex Demon, and Black Sun's's a start.

Current EDH Decks: Radha Timmy, Oona exile/mill, Edric aggro, Marath tokens, Uril Voltron, Ertai counters, Sek'Kuar sac engines, Ezuri elf tribal, Oloro life gain, Zedruu tokens, White Mikaeus indestructible, Riku allies, Ghave synergy, Momir Vig Simic to a fault, Zur pillow fort/extort, Cromat artifacts, Rafiq aggro, Nekuzar zombies, Prossh creature beats, Roon ETB/bounce, Garza Zol vampires.




I belive that Kaervek the Merciless would be a great genral for this deck 
I have a Kaerveck deck that is a "Pain"

You are Red/Blue!
You are Red/Blue!

I have a (non-EDH) deck designed around Confusion in the Ranks! The only safe permanents are lands and planeswalkers! The game gets crazy pretty quick, as everybody scrambles to get (and keep) the best stuff! Then people get excited when they draw something good, and play it before they remember they have to give it away. Then I throw out a Firecat Blitz, and watch everyone cry! I'm a little surprised nobody ever scooped...
  It sounds like this is right up your alley!

I am White/Green
I am White/Green
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I am Red/White
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