Someone please explain to me why this is an unused and weak combo

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Melira, Sylvok Outcast + Kitchen Finks + Altar of Dementia / Carrion Feeder / Viscera Seer / Dross Hopper / Bloodthrone Vampire = you win the game
Actually there are modern decks that abuse Melira's interactions with both Kitchen Finks and Murderous Redcap, this isn't exactly new.
Murderous Redcap is a bit mana intensive though.
Creatuers are the most vulnerable permanents in the game. Combos that rely on them, are equally so. Additionaly, the combo can be broken up by graveyard hate, common in many sideboards.
One card I think works great in Melira/Persist combo decks that I haven't really seen discussed is Oran-Rief, the Vastwood. It doesn't go infinite, but it does allow you to sacrifice each one of your creatures every turn.
Woodfall Primus and a sac outlet with Melira on the table is pretty grusome. But as someone already stated creatures are prone to removal, and graveyard hate belongs in every sideboard.


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If you have a deck built around a combo with a creature, generaly there are easy ways to protect it. Like lightning greeves, though out side of blue, there are not much ways to get rid of counter. Expect for Gaea's herald
Several people have mentioned Sideboards and graveyard hate, but no one has asked what the OP plays.  If he's playing casual, Sideboards are not all that common.
Basically, Melira (She even sounds like a name some drug company's marketing department came up with.) is used with any creature with "put a -1/-1 counter on ~".

Note that putting one on a creature as a cost isn't possible with Melira (since you can't do it, much like paying 1 life when Platinum Emperion's involved), but as part of the effect, it very much is.
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