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I attacked with serra angel. which does not have to tap to attack.  My opponet immediately cast crippling chill (an instant) which taps a target creature and doesn't let that creature un tap during the next un tap phase.  My question is, does that instant stop the current attack of serra angel???

My friend says that the instant resolves before the attack took place, so tapping the creature prior to the attack makes it so you can't attack with a tapped creature. 

Now I understand that serra angel was not tapped to attack because it has vigilance and doesn't need to tap to attack.  So I can see the instant tapping that angel b/c it was not already tapped, but does that negate the current attack?

what if it was a regular creature who was "tapped" to attack.  Would the crippling chill instant resolve first, untapping the creature who was already tapped, then immediately tapping it again, making it so you can't attack with that tapped creature???

I have a link to both cards below.

Your friend is mistaken.  If he wants to stop you attacking with Serra Angel he must do it before you declare attackers, however, you must give him a chance to do this.

After you're done casting spells in your main phase, you say to him...'I'm going to attack'.  He may cast spells here, or say he has nothing to do.  
He may choose to cast Crippling Chill on your Serra Angel, which means it is tapped and can't be declared as an attacker unless it gets un tapped.
If he has nothing to do you declare your attackers and it is too late to tap anything down to prevent it from attacking.

1. If you've declared any of your creatures as attackers, they've already tapped and are considered attacking before any player receives priority.  If your opponent wants to tap a creature to keep it from being declared as an attacker, it must be done prior to the Declare Attackers Step, which means you won't know which creatures your opponent was going to declare attacks with.

2.  If a creature with vigilance has already been declared as an attacker, tapping it does nothing to remove it from combat.  Likewise, a creature that taps to attack won't be removed from combat if it becomes untapped.

That should about cover it. 
To build a bit upon previous statements:
By the rules if you are already attacking then no, he couldn't stop combat by tapping them.

However, if you didn't announce that you were going into combat and give him a chance to respond before declaring attackers, that creates an illegal gamestate and must technically be rewound to the start of combat before attacking creatures were declared where he would have a chance to tap your creatures.

So it all comes down to this: Did you announce the start of combat and give him a chance to respond before declaring attackers? If you did, then no he can't tap your creatures. If you didn't, then yes he can.
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