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Forging The Realms
So What Do Ye Do for a Living?

By Ed Greenwood

The traveling craftworker-merchants of the Realms are a numerous and varied lot, and over the years I’ve found them to be a great way of adding color and interest to unfolding Realmsplay. They are excellent lures for bringing PCs into unintended or unforeseen adventures, as well as great recurring foes.

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Ends Are Sometimes Better Left Loose
D&D Insider ArticleDragon 417
Art Gallery

By D&D Team

This month in Dragon: Take sides in the never-ending Blood War. Succumb to temptation with a succubus companion. Beware the flying blade that feeds on magic. PLUS: Magic dice, the dark tale of Tenebrous, and an unstoppable Athasian bounty hunter. Here now are a full set of the illustrations from Dragon 417!

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Roving Band of Misfits
Curse of Undeath Tiles

By Benoit

Benoit of Roving Band of Misfits showcases his work bringing the most recent Dungeon Command tiles to 3D brilliance. Take a look at his versions of Curse of Undeath's tiles.

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