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Hey everyone.  Question from a noob.  If I am casting a monster and someone has a 'counter spell' card, does that counter the monster?

If yes, if said monster has Hexproof, does the hexproof take effect during the stack or only after it is in the combat zone?

I haven't played for almost 16 years and so much of this is new so sorry for the simple question, and the many more to come.

Much appreciated.
Hexproof only works on the battlefield
that's why Thrun, the Last Troll has to say that it can't be countered, despite having Hexproof

but yes, if you counter a creature spell (Monsters are from Yugioh, Magic has Creatures ;)) it is moved to the graveyard just like any other spell and will not enter the battlefield
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yes, provided it can target it
eg. Cancel and Essence Scatter could, but not Negate

hexproof and shroud only function on the field, on the stack they can be targeted and then be countered

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