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About a month ago, I posted about how I was having a terrible time trying to find people to play. Well, I now have had 10 people contact me. This is probably the best problem ever. 10PCs is too many, in my opinion. The game would just get out of control. I thought I could maybe form two groups of 5 (or a group of 4 and a group of 6, depending on peoples' schedules). I am just looking for what people think of running two groups. If you have ran two groups, did you get the two mixed up often, or did you do okay?
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2 things about running 2 groups.

1) I find that, in general, Gamers are flakey.  If 10 people sign up 6-7 end up actually staying.

2) I run 2 groups on a regular basis (and for a while there I was running 4).  I never had a problem mixing them up as long as I kept some very basic notes.  One page per session was about all I needed to keep everything in the right frame of mind.  Reading over the page from last session as the players did the recap meant I rarely got anything flipped from one group to the next (and they were running the same campaign). 
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Once i had a group of 10-12 people but we were two dms.One was making the story and the other rules and helping at the story.If you have fun playing with the people then seperate it in two groups as you said 4-6 peopl each.But i think you eventually end with one group the one that you have most fun and fit with the players.Also in 6 people groups as matyr said some will not be able to join some days so you will stay with 4-5 which is perfect.

Glad that worked out for you. 

I agree, 10 players is too many and two groups is a great solution. I would have a few pre-campaign meetings and let people flake out. If you haven't had this already, I'd expect you to have about 6 players within a couple of sessions.

During those sessions I would do a few things.

  1. Work on the setting. Play something like dawn of worlds and build a setting all of you will enjoy.

  2. Make characters

  3. Get to know one another.

After 3 or 4 sessions, see how many people are still around. If needed split into two groups, and if not, dive into the game.

I'd set the two groups in the same world, but would strongly consider not having them interact. Put one in Australia and one in Mexico. This lets you keep important NPCs the same, reuse some locations, and house rules (like what races are available) the same. 

I did this all the time in college and it worked out fine. 

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