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My DM is run a home brew using dark sun rules anyone tell me if there is a differece in char creation.
Its a home-brew so maybe.  Normally Dark Sun is played using inherent bonuses instead of the normal and has rules for defiling for arcane magic.  Just get with your DM, find out what parts of Dark Sun he is most interested in bringing over to his home brew (or if it is a home campaign set in Dark Sun just post your character).
Currently working on making a Dex based defender. Check it out here
Need a few pre-generated characters for a one-shot you are running? Want to get a baseline for what an effective build for a class you aren't familiar with? Check out the Pregen thread here If ever you are interested what it sounds like to be at my table check out my blog and podcast here Also, I've recently done an episode on "Refluffing". You can check that out here
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