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Just kind of looking for feedback on my world/campaign. My PCs aren't very far into it, so I can't really ask them as they only have a few small parts to the greater puzzle that is going on.

200 years ago a great and powerful wizard named Grand Prate ruled over the capital of Haverbrook. As power does it corrupts, and Prate grew evil. So evil that he had aspirations to take over all the known lands. The champion of Haverbrook called out to all races to help him stop Grand Prate. Elves were the first to respond along with a silver dragon named Britton. A great battle took place that devistated Haverbrook and the lands nearby, this was the creation of what would be known as the Snake Coil Mountains.  Grand Prate was defeated and he was sent to the void. Grand Prate's spirit did not rest, and his legacy of evil was forgotten over time. Prate plotted and schemed to get rid of the elves & dragon that defeated him.

 In the past 2 years a swell of Orcs has begun to stir in the Snake Coil Mountains. They are looking for a great artifact, the Orc Crown of Power. The wearer of the crown will have control over all Orcs and lead them victory in a battle over all.  Only few Orcs know about the Crown's location and the keys that need be made to open the vault. Six rings made from the blood of a rare Orc bloodline must be made. These rings open up the a chamber in the Valley of Orc Kings where the crown itself has been laid to rest. The crown jewel is needed to activate the crown's powers. They jewel was being held in a small mining town of Dukirk Pass by the town's wizard Garouk.

Over the past 6 months Dukirk Pass has fallen under a plauge. Crops withered, cattle have gotten sick, and the townspeople are growing ill as well. An Orc named Rigtor Wolfhelm was sent to the silver mines under Dukirk Pass to taint the silver to make it brittle. The tainted silver was then to be sold to the Elves under Garouk's orders, so when the Elves make weapons and armor of the silver it will break against the waves of Orc hordes.

This is all being done under the influence of Grand Prate, who is now a lich. Prate over the years has placed several agents around the known kingdoms to further his cause. Several in the Orc Royal Court, a key Elven General, and a few key members in high places of Haverbrook's government. Grand Prate plans to use the Orcs to wipe out the Elves and force Britton out of hiding. Then a battle between the two will take place.


That is the general storyline. Of course the PCs have stumbled across this and thrown things off for Grand Prate's Plans. First by destorying Wolfhelm at Dukirk Pass, so no tainted silver made it's way to the Elves. But they did unknowingly let the crown jewel fall into the hands of the Orcs, as well as cause the creation of 2 of the blood ring keys.

I will post more as the group continues forward in the campaign as things get flushed out more.

The party is sort of a motley crew. The group leader is a human cleric, who's name escapes me at the moment.  There are two dwarven brothers. Carl (dwarven name is long and just goes by that) a barbarian & Fred (dwaren name is long and just goes by that) fighter with a tower shield. A halfling thief named Blackjack.

The campaign highlights to this point:

The group got together in the small silver mine town of Dukirk Pass. A plauge was effecting most everyone in town, the mine owner Stephan Doverspeak hired then to go clear out the mine and find out what was causing the plauge. In the mine they found an Orc War Priest that was doing something to the silver that was tainting the water supply. After he was dispatched the plauge vanished along with the taint.

They then made their way up to the town of Oakhurst, where after a brief stay were summoned back to Dukirk Pass. They learned that while they were gone an Orc raiding party charged into town. They went right to the town wizard Garouk's house and burned it to the ground, after taking something from the house.

The group tracked the Orcs to an old run down fort . In the fort they found several monsters, mainly Orcs and Goblins. In the center of  fort was a chamber with four groves that lead to the center of the room and made a small 2 foot circle in the room. The group slayed the leader the raiding party before they got any information out of him, and retrived what was stolen from Dukirk Pass.

As they get back with loot in tact, the grand cleric from the capital city of Haverbrook shows up in Dukirk Pass. He is a frail looking human with long silver hair , a silver staff with 6 rings on each side at the top, and he is blind. His name is Dragza Silverspire. He takes the wizard Garouk's chest contents, a large smooth gem, and has the party go with him as they take it to Haverbrook for safe keeping.

On the way at a brief stop in a half elf village of Baldwin the party is attacked by a Death Knight and his troops. During the scuffle the Knight and Silverspire vanish in a flash of light. Several rounds later the Silverspire returns badly beaten and bloody. The Death Knight has taken the gem, as more skeletons and an undead troll start to overwhelm the party an elf on a dark horse rides in and helps the party. His name is Jullian Oakshadow. The elf talks about how he had been tracking the Knight since he made port in the town of Titansburg. Which has been burned to the ground. Oakshadow tells of a small stone house where the Death Knight had spent sometime, and raised some of his skeletons from. The elf says he will stay with Silverspire as the party goes to investigate the house.

At the house, the find a cave system and temple underground. In the back of the temple they found another set of grooves and circle set up. This time there is an Orc that has been drained of all blood that was filling the grooves. In a small library they find the body of Garouk cut in half, and a pure silver spear locked inside a coffin.

After regrouping with Silverspire the group makes their way to the capital of Haverbrook. After telling their tale to King Bretton Means, he sends his swiftest riders to summon the court wizard Tate Adler, who was far to the North doing research. In the meantime the group hooks up with Vander Anderhoff and his adventures guild.

Vander first sends them to the town of Southern Cross. There they find a group of Orcs being guided by brute of a human. Inside the copper mine they find yet another temple and groove/floor ring set up with a dead Orc in it. After they dispatch the human they find a contract between him and the Orc King Karvak.

Still waiting for Adler to return Vander sends them on another contract. This time a farmer has reported all his cattle have gone missing up near Black Lake. As the group arrives they find large paw prints that go off into the woods near the lake itself. The tracks were followed to a wemic encampment, half men half lion centaur. Blackjack talks to the wemics and discovers that they have been taking the cattle to appease the evil growing in the lake. Scouts take the group to the lake, where at midnight a tall tower rises from the lake.

The group clears out the tower and defeats the evil within, a drider mage. After making a deal with the wemics, that they would not bother the humans or their cattle again, the group heads back to Haverbrook. As they spend the night celebrating, Fred gets thrown in jail (he couldn't show up that game).

The group goes to see the King in the morning about Fred. While waiting, the group sees a badly beaten man in robes taken from the Royal Hall. The group is told that he was party of Adler's research party. He tells they while returning home they were ambushed and most were killed. The group goes to the house of healing to question the survivor were they learn that a large man with a horned helm and a group of bugbears attacked them in the night.

The group finds the ambush site and track them into the Burnt Oak Woods where they find a set of ruins. In the ruins is found a larger than the rest bugbear, with glowing red eyes. He damn near killed the monk and bit the thief Blackjack. Deeper in the ruins a minotaur is found. He is questioned and explains that he was set free from the Prison of Agony by the Death Knight Bloodmoon in return for capturing Adler. He is promptly dispatched. Adler is freed, but a huge crowned skull made of smoke appears and glares down at the party before vanishing.

The group has just returned home, to find that Fred has been freed from jail, now has his own home, and is sitting down having dinner. That is where last session ended.

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