Will There Be A "Friday Night Magic" Equivalent for Dungeon Command?

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 I was wondering if Wizards of the Coast will support or start a regular Dungeon Command event similar to Magic: The Gathering's "Friday Night Magic". Perhaps a "Saturday Afternoon Slaughter"?
That would be nice
Yes it would. With a little prize support I would run at my FLGS.
That would be great as I can only get the wife to play so often. 
Quit complaining, at least your wife PLAYS!
I know, I guess I am lucky.  She complained that we didn't play board games sooooo...(not the type of boardgame she was expecting, but she likes it).
I sure hope it gets tournament support, even casual tournaments like FNM. The game has so much depth and strategy I could see it really going on to be a great competitive game. Also, due to its customizable nature, I could see its metagame getting really deep as players go over War bands and deck construction. I only had the chance to play one thorough game but it was amazing. I'm hoping to get a lot more play in. Such cool ideas in the game and it is actually quite an elegant system. After a few turns, it gets pretty intuative.
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