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This is my first post on the forums, so I am sorry if I miss something or I don't understand some terms.

My dad and I love to play magic, and so does my step-brother, who I will be moving in with soon. My dad and I will be going to our first constructed Friday Night Magic soon and I really want to create a standard enchantment-ish deck. I play Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 and I love the way that the Kor Spirit-dancer works with the other enchantments in the "Aura Servants" Blue and white deck. Any help would be great.

I also have a few generic questions to ask.

I love to play two-color decks or white decks, and I was wondering what color combination(s) would be best for what I am trying to achieve? (Below)
- I love being able to play something on every turn and increase the pressure on my opponents every turn. I also love the way the Exalted deck works (With more creatures giving more power) as well as the way the Kor Spiritdancer works with enchantments. I'm not very good at control. I also love playing Goblins and White Weenie. I've never tried red and green either, but that seems up my alley. So if anyone also could recommend any good Red/Green, Goblin, or white cards/ideas that would be great as well.

What are some of the most common problems I have to look out for in a constructed Friday Night Magic event?

What are the terms used on the forums and in general magic discussion?
(Not so much the game, but outside of it, such as Jund, Grixis, Naya, and then the things that people write in brackets [ ]. 

Thanks for the help, everyone! 

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Enchantments work best with hexproof creatures and those are or . The reason for this is simple; if your enchanted creature is removed, you lose your enchantment as well. At least, that's usually the case.

Friday Night Magic could be Extended, but more likely it will be standard, in which case your choice of cards will somewhat limited. Kor Skyfisher is not allowed in standard, but he would be fine in Extended.

For standard, in , Geist of Saint Traft is the hot, hexproof creature. He is correspondingly expensive. Invisible Stalker is next best and also available is Latch Seeker.

Popular enchantments include Spectral Flight and Ethereal Armor. The best enchantment value going is Rancor but that is obviously and it alone isn't worth adding that color to your deck. Any deck with should consider it as it is an exception to the 2-for-1 rule of creature enchantments and works well even without hexproof creatures.

The sort of deck I'm describing usually also uses counter magic and control spells or it could go the route of tempo. Tempo usually involves bouncing or returning creatures to opponents hand, tapping creatures, thing like that.

There are almost certainly a few decks you could look at in one of the standard forums, including this one. It might be easier to find one in the Tier 1 forum.
and also available is Latch Seeker.

I'm not sure if you meant to say Latch Seeker has hexproof, which it is not, but it is unblockable. If by "available" you were hinting at the unblockable, then my apologies.

To the OP, Drogskol Captain may have a role in such a deck, but he needs to be protected with Mizzium Skin or Faith's Shield or some such. There may be a role for Bruna, Light of Alabaster or Angelic Overseer.

Among enchantments and equipment, Mask of Avacyn is a possibility, but with equipment you quickly run into the problem of having to spend a lot of mana.

In any case, the color combination you are looking for is most likely blue/white. 
I'm going to  go against the grain here and say that is actually a better choice for an enchantment based deck. The real benefits of blue are Invisible Stalker and Spectral Flight. I'm not saying that is a bad choice, I just think it is easier to disrupt (barring silly Invisible stalker plays) and it's creatures are less than exciting by themselves.

Green, on the other hand, gives you the best enchantment bar-none, Rancor. It is the best simply because it doesn't get you 2-for-1'd as easily (unless they kill the creature you are trying to put it on in response to you casting it). Green also gives you access to creatures that are perfectly fine without enchantments.

Now, the successs of a deck like this is going to depend a lot on just how competitive your FNM is. Removal is especially bad for this kind of deck, and you have to play it very conservatively to avoid getting blown out. Also, this is closer to a combo/aggro deck, in that you are trying to combine a critical mass of specific cards and win the game very quickly. 

I don't want to build a deck for you specifically, because I don't know what you have/need/like, but I'll throw out some stuff that I feel is good.

Creatures(run 16-20):
Dryad Militant -> 2/1 for 1, which is very efficient. Has the benefit of hosing reanimator strategies or anything abusing flashback.
Fencing Ace -> The all-star of this deck. Suit him up and beat the crap out of your opponent.
Azorious Arrester -> Not something you want 4 of, but lets you sneak an attacker through, while providing another body.
Strangleroot Geist -> good by himself, great with rancor or ethereal armor.
Centaur Healer -> 3/3 for 3 is great, 3 extra life is even better.
Loxodon Smiter -> 4/4 for 3 is just silly.
Wolfir Avenger -> another 3/3 for 3, but has flash and regen, which is relevant when wearing enchantments.
Wild Beastmaster -> does bad,  bad things with rancor and a few friends.

Enchantments (run 10-12):
Rancor -> its just good.
Ethereal Armor -> also very good, can get obnoxiously big.
Pacifism -> removal that buffs your ethereal armor.
Bonds of Faith -> potentially better than Pacifism, but only vs. the right opponents.
Oblivion Ring -> great if your opponent is playing non-creature threats.

Other spells (this is where I would focus on protecting my creatures)
Ranger's Guile -> Protects your creatures and makes them bigger.
Faith's Sheild -> Protects your creatures and can potentially help them get through blockers.
Selesnya Charm -> a little bit of pump, a little bit of removal, or a body. Versatile.

Gavony Township -> great backup plan if your enchantments are wearing thin. Run 1-2.

Hope that helps.
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Not sure what youre willing to spend on land and other stuff, but I am doing a Bantchantment deck (White, Green, Blue) so that you get all of the good enchantments. I can usually attack third turn with Geist of Saint Traft with Rancor, Spectral Flight, and Ethereal Armor on him, making him a 9/7 flying, first strike, trample, hexproof creature that also puts out an attacking 4/4 flying angel. Pretty good stuff, but it requires a good amount of dual lands and 4x Geists, ie expensive!
and also available is Latch Seeker.

I'm not sure if you meant to say Latch Seeker has hexproof, which it is not, but it is unblockable. If by "available" you were hinting at the unblockable, then my apologies.

That would be a normal screw-up. I was probably thinking of something else.

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