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I'm looking to build a new Merfolk deck, but I want it to be a little more aggressive if I can't get out my infinite turns combo. It's really bloated and I haven't tightened it up yet, but here's what I have:

Any tips? I'm not certain what to change or cut. 
sage of fables would be really good. and I personally am fond of stonybrook schoolmaster
If you're looking for an aggressive merfolk deck, look in the Legacy section for "fish" decks.

They run creature bases something like:
lord of atlantis/master of the pearl trident (or both)
coralhelm commander
merrow reejerey
silvergill adept
wake thrasher
mutavault (This guy can be devastating, though $30/ea isn't much fun )
Use aether vials to get them out quicker

Then run some form of counter/control-suite.  It's probably the most aggressive merfolk will get
Do you think a white splash is worth it for casual merfolk decks that can't afford Mutavault? It seems like such a shame not to make some kind of use of Wanderwine Hub. Adding white would allow you to run removal like Swords to Plowshares and creatures like Sejiri Merfolk and Sygg, River Guide.

Another comboI thought of that might be cool for a merfolk deck is Cavern of Souls and Arcane Denial. Any cheap merfolk basically turns denial into an Ancestral Recall for
So here's what I have:

I figure I can hide behind the Dousers and Snipers until I can pull a Harbinger and get my Prophet out on the board. It's not terribly aggressive, but with a few Master's out it can quickly turn that way.
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