Dungeon 208: Compilation

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D&D Insider ArticleDungeon 208 

By Christopher Perkins, Jobe Bittman, Timothy Ide, John "Ross" Rossomangno, Erik Scott de Bie

This month, we're trying an experiment and publishing the magazines as single PDFs containing the month's worth of articles and adventures.

Talk about this magazine here.

The article doesn't deploy correctly. It also incorrectly show Dungeon 207's cover art. 

Finally, Dungeon 207 and 208 are also incorrectly placed under the Category Domains of Dread.

CustServ advised  Ticket [#121127-000927]
This monthly article thing is not working very well imo, i almost didn't noticed it was released...because i totally forgot about it's existence...

I still miss the more meatier dungeon magazine from years ago...i will use some stuff from the 1-3 adventure, i am DMing newbies into 4e next weekend on a live session (not thru internet). 
It was up for a short time last night, then the site went down for maintenance and...poof...borken link again. I didn't have time to do more than give it a quick look, but the adventures looked pretty decent. 

Some Assembly Required

Traps Mislabeled:

T3 is described in the text of encounter 3B; T4 are the small tunnels.

Some Assembly Required

2C. Tunnel to Deep Mine:

Area 2C on the map is an abstraction of a long, descending tunnel that accommodates the mine chase, as described in the “Mine Chase” section.

Usually a line break [looks like a dual z] would be used on a map to indicate an area of unknown distance that connects two points.  Don’t forget about the break and use the map as provided least the carts run into the barrier.

In case it is important the actual length is ~5.11 miles (for medium creatures exploring on foot).

Some Assembly Required

What happens when a cart is “Out of Control” due to loss of both brakes or crew is disabled?  [re: Adventurer's Vault, page 14]

Max speed in a round for a cart appears to be 14 squares [start of round, move actions shift weight x4 PCs, combat (if any), downslope event, end of round]. 

How long does this speed continue?  

When does the cart revert to its normal constant speed?

You can submitt errata for Dungeon 208 in this thread on the 4E Errata boards: community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...
this is a STRONG issue, congrats wizards
Agreed, this is good stuff. The adventures are good and the Demonimicon and the Fey'Ri articles are really well made. The Arts and maps are amazing too!
Also VERY HAPPY to see on next month's Table of Content that we will get Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan in Dungeon 209, an adventure originally given as a DM reward in Organized Play THANK YOU WoTC !!

I always wished we could see DM rewards, Game Day and RPGA Free Day and other exclusive materials  distributed in Dragon/Dungeon after a time. This and previous D&D Encounters/Lair Assault ....Who knows ?

The Hidden Shr ine of Tamoachan
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland
Lost Tamoachan is about to be rediscovered. This 4th
Edition adaptation of the original AD&D® module by
Harold Johnson & Jeff R. Leason was previously available
only as a DM Reward adventure through the
Wizards’ Organized Play Program. Now it’s available
to D&D Insider™ subscribers! A classic D&D adventure
for 7th-level characters.

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