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I know there tends not to be much variety with a deck like this, but this is my take on a very budget delver list, using mostly cards taken from legacy lists that I actually own.  I was wondering if anyone had any critique for me, whether it be about spell choices or whatever.  Honestly, I would take this to a legacy tourny if not for my lack of "key" cards like forces, alpha/beta duals and fetches.  How do people like this list?

If you're not taking this to any tourney's 3 Ancient Grudge seems a bit much. 

Also, whats the use of Thought Scour here?  
I guess ancient grudge was more or less a meta choice: while my friends don't play with too many artifacts, I do find myself on the non-fun side of invisible stalker wielding a knife, or worse, a sword.  There are just some artifacts I'd like to be often ready to kill, but a drop to 1-2 may not be so bad given flashback and maybe some playstesting.

Honestly, I wrote the list by changing one I had that was standard, so I think I forgot to change one of the thought scours... I didn't list it on purpose 

So I guess I'm looking at replacing 1-2 ancient grudges and 1 thought scour so far
Well if you run into equipment a lot than don't let me disuade you  
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