Report : 25-11-2012 session 17:00 – 20:30 22:00 – 23:45 Standard group : Human rogue (me) skill specialist/charlatan, Human mage noble/arcane specialist, Dwarf warrior soldier/survival specialist, Human cleric guide/divine specialist (

Report : 25-11-2012 session  17:00 – 20:30   22:00 – 23:45

Standard group : Human rogue (me) skill specialist/charlatan, Human mage noble/arcane specialist, Dwarf warrior soldier/survival specialist, Human cleric guide/divine specialist (npc, one of us couldn’t participate at the session, will join next week)

First of all: everybody of us considered which race to pair with the class. Human mage was an obliged choice, as elf gives buffs too low considering human starts with +1 hit and +1 cd. Personally, I could choose another race (but the +1hit and the stats convinced me that, as I want to speak and do tricks, human was the proper choice, but SITUATIONAL), and the warrior and cleric could too.

For which concerns the out-of-combat:

We didn’t make that many checks, I tried some unnecessary bluff and sleight of hand, just to see if the contest were easy or hard, and (as I choose to be a skill specialist with +2 on bluff) we saw that the rogue can outplay almost any contest quite easy (the mage made a 20 dice check on sense motive on my bluff, well I’m skilled and I made a 20 too :D ), also passing some contests rolling 4-5 on dice. If we have to be sincere, I spoke, climbed, bluffed, made sleight of hand, sneaked to scout places, searched for drops, checked traps and disarmed, while others did NOTHING. I was the king of the out of combat. That was pretty boring for the others, as their skills couldn’t help anyway. This is NOT balanced, rogue is too strong out of combat (confirming analysis part 2) and objectively disrupting the game. The check system btw is overall appealing and easy.

No magic drop to wear (we dropped pots and scrolls) made me a bit disappointed, but I think it’s just a matter of habits. We dropped loads of common weapons and armor we’re going to sell. We’ll probably need some time to get used with this “lack of magic”.

Backgrounds helps a lot in terms of interpretation, as they give some good guidelines. Players don’t always type a background on their toons (for a matter of time) so interpretations without it may result vague or not existent at all.

For which concerns the combat

  1. That’s pretty positive that in all the session we made 6-7 fights, lasting no more that 2-3rounds average (3 the boss fights), we loved that quickness.

  2. They were for the most part, open field fights in which, thanks to my sneak skill, I could setup ambushes killing 1-2 mobs before the others engage.

  3. We started with 60exp fights, then going to 80/100/120 exp fights (we easily did lvl 2 fights while being lvl 1).

  4. We felt like it was 3.5 with some minor changes. The biggest one was that when the warrior finally arrived to the mobs, there was nothing left to attack. Ranged is > melee, as there’s no charge and the warrior passed all his first (sometimes the second too) turns moving x2 and doing nothing else, while others shot ranged. For the rest, identical stuff, easy mechanics, good improvements on not-casting classes (they finally do something else rather then just rolling dices to attack and rolling dices to do dmg).

  5. The mobs attack roll is pretty low for lvl 1, but when they hit it is panic. If 2 gets attack rolls, you’re down, no matter what. That’s not really panic, as long as you can get healed by one, stand up and fight again with apparently no risk (absolutely 0 risky if the healer has cure minor wounds at will, as if the mob doesn’t oneshot to death, the cleric heals 1 and you’re up to fight again endlessly). The game is not funny as long as you don’t really risk to die and wipe.

  6. The fights resulted really easy, even the boss one. A critical hit by the warrior oneshotted the boss, that was a bit ridiculous. As I already said, we easily outplayed  lvl 2 fights while being lvl 1.

  7. The warrior whined about the fact that he could protect others and not himself. In his opinion a tank should learn how to defend self first, then others.

  8. We’re ok with the fact that atm challenging fights are no more based on 1 single fight with quality but with more fights based on quantity, as it is funny to fight, even if reward is not so appealing. We did 5 fights in a row with minor rests.

  9. We’re also ok with the fact that you don’t have to waste hp and healing effects. Our tank wasted the hit dice for 2 hp and that resulted in a bit more risks later. 

  10. The caster was chained not to use important spells, he always wanted to use the signature spell because his spell pool was really short (and in my opinion 2 for a caster is too short, you don’t even have slots to make utility spells out of combat), so he ended up never using his first lvl slot (even if there were important fights meant to challenge us in terms of exp, they were easily won without that magic missile).

  11. We didn’t have to use any brain in particular for the fights, the wizard did aoe excluding targets, I used shortbow aiming at sick targets first and then bigger ones with the tank near, the melee ran to the target and attacked when possible. Just a small positioning to have cover and to help the warrior take the dmg in our place. That’s a bit sick, but I think it’s just the lvl 1.

For the moment I totally confirm analysis part 1 and 2 (whatever they commented about them)


Change the heal rule like it was in 3.x : if you are at -2 and somebody heals you for 1, you are at -1 and stabilized. At the moment, a cleric with cure minor wounds at will makes you immortal (it is hard for mobs to hit you, and when they do they don’t oneshot you to death, leaving healer enough time to get you up forever).

Insert some charge mechanic, otherwise melees will quite always start the fights one turn later (as fights begin far more then 5 squares). Wasting a turn to approach the enemies without attacking is really boring.

Insert some stat scaling bonus for spells. It is not properly working that a cleric may have 9 wis and healing like it has 18, same amount, same number of spells. At least to cast a lvl 1 spell you should need 11wis, to cast a lvl 2 12 and so on (wizards are based on int so they don’t need to be fixed, any mage takes int ).Also, bonus slots would be good.

Pump up the monsters, their attack roll and hp are WAY too low. We’ll test harder and harder fights in order to state what can kill the party at lvl 2.