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I started with D&D in 2nd ed in the 90's and played through 3.5.  I tried 4th ed, then decided to keep my old books and transition to pathfinder. 

But with that said with a new version of D&D coming out has anyone heard that it would come with a OGL?  My biggest issue with adopting a new D&D edition is the lack of gaming material.  I really liked the "powers" in D&D 4th ed and I thought it was move in the right direction.  But so few books were released and the inability to convert the old material to new system, (plus combat was awfully long) just wasn't worth it.

As for reprints I would really like comprehensive reprint book(s) for: Planescape, Dragonlance, Ravenloft, SpellJammer, Birthright, Darksun etc...  Its hard to find these books anymore, and many of them sell for outrageous amounts on Ebay.  Why not re-release them, even better release them with the updated D&D 5th ed rules.  It would be a great way to bring the old D&D fans back into system with campaigns that they know and love. 

I doubt we'll see anything OGL again. If it hadn't been for the OGL, Wizbro wouldn't have to entice gamers back with old edition reprints. The OGL shifted the power to the hands of the gamers rather than the publisher, which was great (thank you Ryan Dancey!), but they're not going to let that go any further.

A comprehensive reprint would be nice, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it, but I imagine they'll be releasing core books first to see where the bulk of sales are going.
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