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Ok, I cannot find an answer to this. When you create a mage Hand you have a maximum range of 5 squares. But when you move it, do you have to restrain that movement to 5 squares too (i.e., five squares from you?) Or you can move it beyond those 5 squares provided you can take more than a move action? Can please someone clarify this for me?

Thank you!


The Mage Hand can be moved more than 5 squares away from you but it will have to be within 5 squares of you at the end of the your turn as per Movable Conjurations rule or else it will end.

RC 117 Movable Conjurations: If the power used to create a conjuration allows it to be moved, it’s a movable conjuration. At the end of the creator’s turn, a movable conjuration ends if the creator doesn’t have line of effect to at least 1 square of the conjuration or if the creator isn’t within range (using the power’s range) of at least 1 square of the conjuration.

A conjuration can’t be moved through blocking terrain.

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