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if a creture is exiled from game with the skill of `fiend hunter` 

does it come back in game with the enchantment(spectral flight for example) it had on it before?

or does it lose the enchantment ?

and how do u put the links of the cards in forum treads pls. looks handy :D

To autocard, [c]Fiend Hunter[/c] becomes Fiend Hunter (if you were to copy and paste mine, it'd probably be broken as I've intentionally broken the card tags so that they show up)

In any case - when a permanent is exiled, all auras attached to it remain behind - however, they're no longer attached to anything, so they get sent to the graveyard as a state-based action. So if your exiled creature comes back, the Spectral Flight won't be attached to it - it'll be in the graveyard.

There are, of course, sometimes exceptions - a creature exiled using the activated ability of Flickerform keeps its auras, because the ability explicitly says it does.
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[*c]Fiend Hunter[*/c] -> Fiend Hunter (take out the *'s from the tags to get this result)

Whenever a creature leaves the battlefield, any Auras attached to it are sent to the graveyard.  The only exception is when a card specifies otherwise (Flickerform, for example). 
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