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This weekend I built a FileMaker Pro database that includes most of the cards from MTG (over 18,600 tonight). It will run on a Windows PC or a Mac if you have FileMaker Pro.  I'm willing to make a runtime version that will run on your computer even if you don't own FileMaker if there's enough demand.

Even more exciting, FileMaker Go is FREE for IOS, which means you can download this database to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. I intend to use it when I go to local gaming stores to buy or trade cards with other MTG players.  To keep the size of the database down, it does not have embedded pictures of the cards or included their text or abilities -- just some basic information (see screenshot). There's also a box to type in how many of the cards you own, in case you're trying to max out at 4 or whatever. I have also added an option to mark cards that you're seeking to acquire, like a shopping list. Since the database resides on your device, you don't need a live internet connection to use it.

I'm open to suggestions for improving it. I hope you will find it as useful as I do. Since the data in the database is all stuff that Wizards of the Coast is responsible for, I plan to give this away, not sell it. Drop me a line if you're interested. I plan to make it more polished as I get more familiar with MTG. I've only been playing a month or so.

Here's a screenshot of how it looks on the Mac. If you've got an internet connection, a picture of the card will show up on the main page. Mobile users may have problems with internet connectivity at conventions like GenCon, but since Apple is miserly when adding storage to their mobile devices, I'm committed to keeping the database as small and fast as possible.

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Why do you people hate Windows Phones?
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I don't hate Windows Phone. I quite liked my Windows Mobile 6.0 phone; it was slow. Then I used Android for a few years before upgrading to the iPhone. I'd been using the first generation iPad for over a year before buying the iPhone 4; the iPad is the absolute best thing I've ever purchased for use with D&D, and now I'm spending a bit of time in MTG:DOTP to improve my Magic skills.

If Windows Phone or Android get FileMaker Go (which is owned by Apple), then the database will work on them too. But right now, FMG makes the iPhone and iPad the best mobile devices for me, personally. That and the immense number of music apps -- the low latency of the iPad blows away Android's sluggish latency. Hopefully Windows Phone & the Surface will get there, but they're not quite at the same level for this stuff. 

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