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i've noticed the lack of posting on this deckstyle. jund has been my favorite color scheme practically since i stared playing magic. so many strentghs and always is fun to play.

i have always loved to play control. whether its caw-go, draw-go, or aggro-control.
here is my decklist debating about dragonskull summit. don't think i need it. 

3 forest
1 swamp
4 woodland cemetery
4 rootbound crag 
2 kessig wolf run
1 stensia bloodhall
4 blood crypt
4 overgrown tomb
1 mountain

24 lands

 2 olivia volderan
3 thragtusk
2 thundermaw hellkite
3 huntmaster of the fells

10 creatures

4 farseek
2 rakdos's return
2 bonfire of the damned
2ultimate price 
2 sever the bloodline
2 dreadbore
4 searing spear
2 abrupt decay
1 slaughter games

21 spells

2 garruk, primal hunter

2 walkers

3 rakdos keyrune

3 artifacts


2 rolling temblor
3 pillar of flame
1 slaughter games
3 duress
2 vraska the unseen
1 dreadbore
2 Appetite for Brains
1 underworld connections

Sideboard is still flimsy. i need to try it out more.

i see lots of lists running deathrite shaman but i really dont like him. he is good against control and zombies but im not sure if he is worthit so i replaced him with hellkite since i own 2 and saves me a good bit of money.

vraska is kind of my budget liliana of the veil. i like her and was thinking to replace garruk with her but garruk is ultimatly more flexible by being good against control with his draw and good against aggro with his beasts.

worst card in the deck as all who view this deck will probably agree is stensia bloodhall.  i just decided to try this card out. i'm not sure if i like it at all.

i want to add witchbane orb sideboard agaianst zombies andred deck wins/rakdos deck wins. this is a hard matchup for me even post board. all the damage that comes in the first few turns can really wreck me. especially zombies or rakdos because game 2 can bring in duress and take away turn 2 farseek and just wreck my early game. what should i take out to add witchbane orb?

let me know what you think. 

I run a Jund + white deck and it got me top 2 in my local FNM. Passing turn with Huntmaster into Restoration Angel is amazing. Nothing really different about the deck lists, just the possibility to run Oblivion Rings and Lingering Souls. 

Also you can run Rest In Peace to combat those pesky reanimators / zombies 
i tried splashiing just because i loved the idea of Soul jund with lingering souls but using either isloated chapel or temple garden and chromatic lantern just gave me to many things to do and maid me less consistant. if we had fetchlands than hell ya i would run lingering souls in my jund. i love to play lingering soul jund in modern! but it is less consistant without fetchlands
this is also slightly budget which is why i aint runnign 3 bonfires or 4 thragtusks or 4 huntmasters. 
do u posibly have a decklist that i can reference sometime?
sure. I dont have the sideboard, since it was so wishy washy and i think i put 3 thrags in it when I had 4 in the deck. You can't have too many thrags
post whenever
Yeah, Stensia Bloodhall is pretty terrible. The ability just costs too much. Should probably replace it with a Dragonskull Summit or something.

What do you board Vraska in against? Lili is used to deal with Hexproof so Vraska doesn't quite fit the same role. Could fit the Orbs in there if you really need them. Dirty Red runs Rakdos Charm so don't rely on the orbs to save you game 3.

Main deck looks solid though. The Slaughter Games is suspect for game 1, but I could see it being useful to know what your opponent is running so that you know what to use removal on. Mizzium Mortars might be better than Bonfire here. 3 Keyrunes might be a bit much. Maybe cut 1 and fit in something else there? Also, Deathrite Shaman is as good as people say. He is good against everything. Run him
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