New Product Listed in Amazon: Storm Over Baldur's Gate: Sundering Adventure 1

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Here is the first of the two promised adventures during last gen con.

And they have a few details:

Baldur's Gate is a fantastic medieval city with a long and storied history -- a city on the verge of tearing itself asunder. Storm Over Baldur's Gate presents the city in the time of the Sundering, a period that will define the future of the Forgotten Realms. In addition to providing 64 pages of in-depth information on the city and its inhabitants, this product includes a harrowing 32-page adventure in which the player characters defend Baldur's Gate against an ancient evil long thought slain. Storm Over Baldur's Gate allows characters to participate in important events connected to the Sundering and glimpse the future of the Forgotten Realms. Components: 64-page setting book describing Baldur's Gate and its inhabitants
32-page adventure book
Four-panel, foldout DM screen keyed to the adventure
Illustrated folder

Release Date: 20 august 2013
So it's not just a fluff book? If this is a for real adventure module, what rule set is it using? I can't see them using 4e rules, but the 5e rules won't be anywhere near polished enough to start publishing adventures. Or will they........

Regardless, it does sound like fun. 
I hope it's in 4e rules, it would be a shame to abandon the ruleset so quickly.

Just roll some dice.



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While WotC hasn't confirmed anything yet, according to freelance designer Brian James, its a D&D Next adventure;

Brian R. JamesBrian R. James
Here is your first official #dndnext product. There is no way in hell they would release this as a 4E adventure

Brian R. JamesBrian R. James

@EricMPaq This specific adventure is part of the "Sundering" line which is a FR transition event to explain the changes from 4E to #dndnext

Well, scratch this one off my list- I'm not buying D&D Next.
It's probably edition neutral, as 5e isn't far enough along to publish an adventure. Descriptions rooms and the like knowing people can slip in monsters of their choice. Not that an accompanying monster book woud be a are PDF Enancement to churn out.

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a Niche (tabletop RPGs) inside a Niche (D&D) inside a Niche (a edition that haven't been released) inside a Niche (Forgotten Realms)...yeah...i can see why WotC believe this is a gold mine...not.

Well, they released menzoberranzan book wish is a Niche (TRPG) inside a Niche (D&D) inside a Niche (edition less/no crunch) inside a Niche (Forgotten Realms) inside a Niche (Menzoberranzan/Drow)...

EDIT: i also forgot...printed media such as books are also a Niche add a new "Niche Layer" 
fwiw: this article said:
"New D&D Adventures
Sundering authors R.A. Salvatore and Ed Greenwood are also collaborating with D&D’s designers on new game content. They’re each providing the story and helping write a new playable adventure that will be released in 2013, allowing D&D players to be heroes of their own Sundering adventures.

Since the D&D game is in between editions, these new modules will strive to be “platform agnostic.” The idea, says Mearls, is that both books will focus on providing story, color and characters, so they that can used by players using any version of the game. Edition specific details –like statistics for monsters– will be available separately, perhaps as a free download."
How long does ot usually take for WotC to post previews on their site? Can't wait for it...
They did a few adventures back in the day for Dragonlance, that had SAGA and 2e stats/rules in the same book so you could play it in whichever game you preferred.  Maybe they will do something like that, or like they are doing with the next season of Encounters.
It sounds really awesome, but it really sucks that we have to wait until the last half of the year for it. I could've swore WotC said that the content was going to be up starting the first quarter of 2013.
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