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First off, just wanted to say that I'm loving the game so far. Have bought all the sets up to this point and am very excited to see whats to come. But to my question.

I've been trying to understand what effects in this game stack or are added cumulatively when there are multiples of the same effect. I've found in the rulebook states that:

Pg.11 under "Playing Order Cards" and then under "Attach."
"A creature can have more than one card attached to it, including
multiple copies of the same card. Their effects are cumulative."

My understanding then is that order cards like Arcane Ritual stack, in this example giving you 2 order cards if the attached character ends its activation in a magic circle. This would be the same for other attached cards like Farie Fire, Cleave, Shattered Weapon, Tough as Nails, and the new cards from CoU like Regenerate and Spawn of Kyuss. But as I've looked through the forums there seems to be some discrepancies regarding this issue.

In this post...

...Chris describes pretty clearly that named powers don't stack. Then to my understanding this means that 2 copies of Tough as Nails would not stack with itself, nor would it stack with the Dwarven Defenders effect. On the same token Regenerate would not stack with itself nor stack with the Feral Troll's ability. But besides these two order cards all other attached order cards would stack with themselves. Is this correct? Also, have I missed any other cards that give named powers like these two?

That is, indeed, correct.

As for other named powers, I can't think of any besides those two right now (although I don't have my cards here so can't check to make sure right now).
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