Just lost all my decks and unlocks for the 2nd time

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This man knows how to embrace life.  Don't just ACCEPT or TOLERATE the negatives.  ENJOY them!  Make them one with you!

This man also does not know how to post on forums without spaces though, which really screws up the formatting.

Ya win some, ya lose some.
Most forums would format that to not stretch several inches off screen. No suprise that Wizards ****ed up that too.
You were probably given the option to choose between a local save or a cloud save. Next time, use a local save. If you haven't already, search the steam forums for the solution.
You dont always get prompted for anything - it depends what happened to your data.

Sometimes, it is just gone.

I ended up buying all the unlocks for the original 10 decks, because spending that many hours unlocking the same decks again is simply insane.

First time, I got the desynch, chose local save and it was restored. 2 days later, everything was gone with no option to do anything. 2 weeks later, before a tournament, everything got lost again. No prompt.

2 weeks ago, I got another "local / cloud" choice. I chose local, and nothing was lost. ... yet...

if I do loose it, I will just buy the unlocks for the 5/7 other decks.

So wizards/steam/stainless, keep it up, it's working for ya.

(and no, I honestly don't care about the money, I mean, it's a game priced the same as a large pizza and a coke.... and I don't spend 200+ hours eating that pizza)
The best bit of advice anyone can give for this game: turn off Cloud Saving.
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Learn how to backup your Steam game saves N00B!
Turn off Cloud saves :P

And there is a solution in the steam forums. Right click on DotP and go to forums...it's there somewhere.
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