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I really hope that you don't starve us, while we wait for Orc information, like you did regarding the Curse of Undeath faction pack.  You never revealed the order cards on the faction pack.  Please don't do that to me again!  In total you managed to only provide details for only three Curse of Undeath order cards.

And is it too early to speculate about the new Orc set?  I want a level 4 strength order card that prevents  50 damage to an adjacent creature.   I also want a level four strength card that prevents 10 damage at the same time that it does 30 damage.  I also think that another strenth card along the lines of Disarming Strike would be nice (it causes your opponent to discard an order card if he takes damage from your attack).
Never to early to speculate ;)

Nor is there much use to it, but...oh well....guess we can't have it all ;)

As for Strength Order cards. I'm thinking there will probably be a minimum amount of damage prevention there....that's more of a Dex and Con thing I reckon. Then again, who knows. We'll just have to wait and see *shrugs*
The set up on the Dungeon Command page has the Heart of Cormyr and Blood of Grummsh on display. Looks like the big guy for the set is an Ogre. At least it looks like one to me.
One of the podcasts mentioned this was going to have WIS guys (shamanistic magic) so we'll start seeing that ability fleshed out a bit more, I hope. Maybe finally have something good to put Lolth's Blessing on (can we get Gruumsh's Blessing too, pretty please? ).

I expect STR as the other major ability, since DEX and CON both had a set where it was the primary ability score (Sting of Lolth/Curse of Undeath) and one where they were both major ability score (Tyranny of Goblins). We might see minor INT, CHA and/or CON support as well.
Either way, I'm just frustrated I have to wait three months for it to come out.

WOW! aside from maybe the Orc eye of Gruumsh (dangerous delves) and Dire boar, I don't recongnize any of these. all new sculpts? 
I can't wait to see a list of the sculpts.  I hope they start revealing them like Curse of Undeath.

I see another big guy besides the Ogre/Hill Giant guy (back right corner).  Wonder what he is?
Where did you find that picture?  I would like to be able to zoom in on the miniatures.  What I can see is:

1. one medium humanoid with a bow
2. two medium unique humanoids with unidentified mace looking weapons
3. two medium unique humanoids with a club
4.  one medium humanoid with a spear
5. one medium humanoid with a thick white staff
6. one medium humanoid without any weapons
7. two large unique humanoids without weapons
8. one medium animal
9. one unidentified medium creature

It seems to me that all twelve creatures from the orc set are unique.  That is great news. I generally don't like having copies of the same miniature.

 Well, they're unique to Duneon Command, they might have reused a couple minatures from Wrath of Ashardalon. Won't be able to tell until I get my greedy hands on them.  
I didn't mean to say that the molding was unique to dungeon command.  I only meant that the 12 miniatures in the set are not copies of eachother.  I will be nice to have a dozen new characters for my collection. 
Heres a thread that shows all the orc minis and some cards. All the minis are new, if you look at the posts on BGG you will find some links to podcasts and such, I don't have time or I would link them.

On a scale of 1 to awesome, this scores an awesome.
When I first saw the picture, I was hoping the figure in the back was an owlbear.  As I continued reading and looked through the new spoilers it was revealed it was an Owlbear.  Needless to say, I am now super excited for this set.

We also know that this faction pack is Wisdom, Strength and Constitution.  It says so on the Wizards website.

This page also has a pic of the whole thing unboxed (very small though).

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 Why does Boardgamegeek have better info than the official Wizards of the Coast Dungeon Command Forum?
It would be great if we could get all the order cards and creature cards posted on this forum (or at least a link to them).  However, I think that I know enough about the Blood of Gruumsh to know that I will want to buy at least two copies of the set.  The fact that none of the creatures are dublicates is a huge draw.  Also the miniatures seem to be painted superior to anything else of their kind.  After all the last set was the best I have ever seen.  That the next one will be even better seems to fit a developing pattern.  But if you don't believe me, look at the often blury pictures and form your own conclusions.
A pretty good guess has been made on the contents of the set here boardgamegeek.com/thread/888455/pics-of-..., and it shows that there will be duplicates.  Two Orc Archers and two Orcs Warriors with clubs or maces.
I cannot upload the picture because something is not working but you find it at amazon: www.amazon.de/gp/product/0786960426/ref=...

Basically just search for the orc set. At amazon.de they have the picture of the unpacked orc pack (posted in this thread before) and when you click on it you can zoom pretty good.

I could see the commander stats:

Commander one has:
11 Morale
9 Leadership
3 Creature Hand
? Order Hand

Commander two has:
15 !!! Morale
7 Leadership
3 Creature Hand
4 Order Hand

I think that are interesting stats at least. I hope that the abilities are not bound to just the orc faction like the drow commander. Furthermore you can get a good impression of the large indoor tiles which look like they could be used for more defensive play.
I approve of all the doors on the tiles.  And I noticed that two of the miniatures are the same.

And the names of the two commanders are
Lokar of the Stonelands (nine leadership)
Drogar, Eye of Gruumsh (15 moral)
And the names of the two commanders are
Lokar of the Stonelands (nine leadership)
Drogar, Eye of Gruumsh (15 moral)

Right now:
Lolth has two commanders with specific creature types in their abilities (specialized commander).
Cormyr has one generic and one specialized.
Goblins has two generics.
Undead has one generic, one specialized.

It's anyone's guess but I would expect one generic commander and one specialized. If we consider the first 5 sets of DC as a conceptual block of sort, it's likely that given the above pattern they wanted roughly half the commanders to be generic (with abilities that do favor some playstyles but not tribal warband construction) and half to be specialized in a tribe of sort.

Drogar's ability is probably going to be very Orc oriented, given his title. Due to his high Morale I expect an ability that lets you spend Morale for something, like the Undead commander, and it's probably going to be offensive in nature to distinguish him from that commander (-1 Morale for +X melee damage from an Orc creature?).

Lokar has more chances of having a generic commander ability. If he is tribal then that means a slight imbalance towards tribal warband.
I hope you are right because I could definately use a Leadership 9 commander for my bruiser deck
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