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The Examiner
Sons of Gary Gygax revive TSR, start new gamer magazine

By The Examiner

Hot on the heels of announcement that Kobold Quarterly is ending production, the mysterious new Gygax magazine is catching the attention of RPG players everywhere. Most will recognize the magazine's title is taken from Gary Gygax, godfather of role-playing games and one of the creators of Dungeons & Dragons. Some may also notice the similarity to Dragon magazine's classic logo from the 1980s. Clearly, the creators aim to inspire nostalgia in old-school gamers.

What do you think of this new entreprise ?
Gygax family is split over support of new Gygax magazine
I think it's cool. BTW, if you search on "gygax magazine" you'll find a lot of talk about it on the Web. I've been in contact with the editor, Jayson Elliot, and he says they expect the magazine to be released the week before Christmas.
One dagger is a plot point. A thousand daggers is inventory. Thank you for disrailing this thread.
Yeah ive read a bit about it and what Tim Kask said on Dragonsfoot and the whole thing on EnWorld wih Gail saying that the Gary Gygax's Estate is not not really onboard with the Gygax bros on this.
Why would the estate have a say? The brothers Gygax have their own claim to the name and can publish whatever they like.
While they certainly can, there is apparently a complex IP  & likeness question around it, because the name mislead consumers to assume ''Gygax magazine by TSR'' may be an initiative from Gary Gygax estate while it isn't.  A US Court could possibly force them to change name (Gygax Bros is an exemple) if the estate win the case some say but i don't know if its true.

EnWorld:Gygax Magazine Update

Gail Gygax: Please respect my wished to change the caption of this thread to:

Gygax Magazine? {UPDATE -, does not have the support of the "Gygax Family Estate" }

I wish to clear up any confusion I am the proper owner of the use of the name of my late husband, E. Gary Gygax. And furthermore would ask respect from his public and children from his first marriage, who are fully aware I own all rights to the use of his name and likeness, and all intellectual properties.

We have previously informed Jason Elliot of my ownership rights.

I can understand the enthusiasm for this project and will remain neutral in regard to its merits however, not at the expense of the Gary Gygax Estate, which represents his wishes.

I'll check the mag when it comes out, but from this point on I'm staying as far away from the politics as possible.
Yeah me too. Wink
This is SUCH welcome news.  I've not been very excited since the death of Dragon and Dungeon (from print).  


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Issue #1 is out, by the way, and I really enjoyed reading it. Reminded me a lot of a certain monthly magazine that TSR used to publish. Very pre-3E in presentation, both visually and in terms of the style of article involved. Not all of the articles are D&D, either, as clearly the idea is to spread out a little. There were a few too many articles looking back to the old days, but that is natural for a first issue and I assume they will move off from this retrospective as time passes.

I'm glad to have subscribed for a year and, assuming that future issues are equal in quality to this one, I plan to resubscribe.

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