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My friend is currently playing a Scoundrel with the class ability of artful dodger, which gives him a bonus to opportinity attacks from his charisma modifier (+3). His AC is 20 so this totals to 23 against opportunity attacks. He also has a power (Opening Move) which he uses that allows him to do 2[w] weapon damage, and because of artful dodger he gains 2+charisma modifier AC total, causing his total AC to any attacks to be 25.

My question is, for opportunity attacks, does this stack, meaning that his AC would be 27? I'm not sure if you can stack an ability modifier more than once, so would it just mean he has a just an AC of 25 against opportunity attacks (Not stacking the ability modifier more than once)?
Yes they will stack.

The bonus from Artul Dodger is an untyped bonus.

The bonus from Opening Move is a power bonus.

Untyped bonus stack with everything except themselves (for instance if you trigger two instances of the same untyped bonus you don't get the bonus twice unless it specifically says you do).

Typed bonuses do not stack with other bonuses of the same type.  These bonuses tend to be things like "power bonus", "feat bonus" and "item bonus".

If your AC is normally 20 he would have an AC of 23 against OAs.  After you use Opening move his AC would increase to 25 and his AC against OAs would be 28.

An instance where they would not stack would be the warlord move Powerful Warning.  If you had a warlord in your party and they used Powerful Warning (+2 power bonus to all defenses for one attack) after you used Opening Move, you would get the +2 to Fort/Will but you would not get the bonus to AC or Reflex.
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Thanks a bunch! That issue caused a couple hours of bickering amongst the players.

P.S. Oops on the simple math mistake.
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