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In my current game I am playing a level 12 Soulknife with Vow of Poverty. His mind blade is already at the +3 enchantment and a +2 enhancement. Is it possible to have someone cast Greater Magic Weapon on his mind blade to help it bypass epic damage reduction? I highly doubt it would, but there may be a loophole I don't know about.
Yes & no. Since the enhancement bonuses don't stack, it would require someone capable of casting epic GMW.
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I do, however, have one last lesson on this subject. That last one? The only build in this post that can one-shot average opponents[by dealing twice as much damage as they have HP? I would argue that it is not optimized. Why isn't it optimized? Because it's overkill. Overkill is NOT optimizing. This means that there are portions of this build dedicated to damage which can safely be removed and thrown elsewhere. For example, you probably don't need both Leap Attack AND Headlong Rush at the same time. You could pick up Extra Rage feats for stamina, feats to support AoO effects, feats that work towards potential prestige classes, and so on. However, you could also shift our ability scores around somewhat. I mean, if you're getting results like that with 16 starting Strength, maybe you can lower it to 14, and free up four points to spend somewhere else - perhaps back into Charisma, giving you some oomph for Intimidating Rage or Imperious Command if you want. You can continue to tune this until it deals "enough" damage - and that "enough" does not need to be "100%". It could easily be, say, 80% (leaving the rest to the team), if your DM is the sort who would ban one-hit killers.
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As draco1119 is pointing out none of thoe enhancement bonuses will stack.  If it is +3 and +2 and then gets +5 from GMW it would only get the +5.  To overcome DR/epic you need something that is +6.

I will note that the Bane weapon ability will increase the weapon's actual enhancement bonus.  This mean a +4 Bane weapon could overcome DR/epic if that target is subject to the Bane ability.
You could go into the Kensai(Complete Warrior pg. 49) PrC which does some interesting things with a signature weapon.
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The two editions are very different...and make for two different games. In general, 3.0/3.5 is built around more-or-less full freedom in terms of character customization. In contrast, 4.0 is built around balance and ease of play. Honestly, I think WotC should have maintained both lines as parallel games.
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