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Ok so ive been a big fan of D&D for years, i love role playing and now after so long i want to get back into it. 

I was thinking of buying:

  • PHB 1, 2 & 3

  • DMKit Essentials

  • MV Essentials

  • RC

The reason for getting the PHB instead of the essentials is because i want to build my own characters and not be limited, where as the other books, i went for the  essentials due to less errata and the items you get with it (maps, tokens,adventures) 

Just wondering if this sounds like a good combination . would they work together, or should i get the all the core rule books.
Looks good to me.  If you can find it for a reasonable cost I would also purchase the Adventurers Vault.  It is a great investment but can be hard to find for a reasonable price.
That looks like as good a starting point as any to me, and better than most.  Only thing you'd really miss with that set of products is some of the additional guidance on monster maths that you get in DMG1.  Beyond what you have there, I'd go for a DDI sub.
I would highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of the DM Cheat Sheet from Slyflourish.  It is very useful and comes at the novelty price of free.  I've run more than a few games with the Cheat sheet and nothing else.
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Yes that is a good combination to start with.

You can get  the PHB1 classes and paragon paths for free online with the class compendium updates.   The WOTC website is down right now or else I would link to one of them, but you can find them with a web search without much trouble. 

The main things PHB1 will give you besides that is races, equipment, feats, and epic destinies so its not a bad thing to get Heroes of the fallen lands instead and then print the PHB1 class updates up.

PHB3 is a decent book, but you might consider something like martial, primal, arcane, or divine power first if you like a class or classes from one of those power sources.  Divine power for instance makes the paladin a much more effective class and all of the PHB 1 and 2 classes get good options from their respective power books, as do the PHB3 psionic classes with Psionic Power.

Trying out DDi and downloading all the dragon magazine articles is a good idea as well.  A lot of classes like the cleric, warlock and avenger got major fixes from dragon articles.
My problem with HotFL and HotFK is that it doesn't have enough information for a new player, and the information written there is not very well explained. They kinda need to also buy rules compedium, to fill the lack of information on those books.  

PHB1 have all the player relevant information they need from rules compedium and HotFL or HotFK... (thought all of them should actually mention something from page 42 from DMG1)
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