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Let's say I play a "Jinxed Idol" and then give it to my opponent usig "Donate". He then sacrifices a creature and returns it to me permanantly according to the text. Does this mean once I get it back, I cannot use "Donate" to give it to him again? Thanks!!
"permanently" means "until something says otherwise"
you can Donate it again
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You could cast another Donate to give it back to him, yes

The Idol has two continuous effects on it:
The effect from the first Donate (#1), which has effectively been overwritten by Idol's own control effect (#2).
You are free to add a third control effect on it (whether by another Donate or by Idol itself)

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Permanently just means the effect has no default duration; it doesn't expire at end of turn, or any other specific time.  Any method you have of transferring control to him will still work.

It bears noting that the Oracle text for the card (and it's most recent printing) no longer uses the word 'Permanently'.

From the Gatherer rulings for Jinxed Idol:
The control-change effect has no duration. The targeted player retains control of Jinxed Idol until the game ends, Jinxed Idol leaves the battlefield, or an effect causes someone else to gain control of it (perhaps because Jinxed Idol's ability is activated again).
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