Elf Green/white/black control?

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Hey this is my decklist atm
made of what I happened to have rather then anything else it's been working very well against my friends but I would like to make it more powerful generally and perhaps be decent at FNM.

Immaculate Magistrate  x1 
Copperhorn Scout x1
Imperious Perfect x1
Korozda Guildmage x1
Arbor Elf x4
Lys Alana Huntmaster x1
 Blunt the Assault x1
Glistener Elf x1
Coat of Arms x1
 Arrest x2
Pacifism x3
Selesnya Keyrune x2
Giant Growth x1
 Civic Wayfinder x2
Elvish Promenade x1
Greenweaver Druid x1
Moonglove Winnower x1
Seedcradle Witch X1
Memnite x1
Safehold Elite x1 
Jagged-Scar Archers x1 
Elvish Eulogist x1
Druid's Deliverance x1
Elvish Visionary x3 
Treasured Find x1
Naturalize x1

 Forest x14
 Plains x4
 swamp x2
Golgari Guildgate x3
Selesnya Guildgate x1

Also I know this is a noob question but how exactly can I tell whether a card is still useable in standard? 


The gatherer will let you sort cards by format legality.

As it stands your deck is modern legal, not standard.

Standard is the most recent core set and most recent 2 blocks. Right now it's M13, Innistrad block, and the Return to Ravnica block (which as of now only has the first set of 3 released) making it as small a card pool as standard will ever see.

So... Playsets. 4x cards you want. Good stuff

Mana curve. Don't have like 3 cards that cost 1 mana, 13 cards that cost 2 mana, 0 cards that cost 3 mana, and 15 cards that cost 4 and up. That looks and plays that jank.

A mana curve should look, idk, like a curve. Pretty simple

Your deck should be focused. You need a clear goal, how are you plan on winning, and how you plan on stopping the either guy from either winning first or disrupting your own plans.

Elves don't do control, they do aggro. But w/b does control pretty well


As stated, I would choose the most important cards and run multiples, I saw many 1 of creatures, where running 2-3 more would suit you much better! My roommate has two elf decks and for most of his important cards, he has four copies.
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