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This is my Green White Human deck, is there anything I could edit to make it the best it could be?

3x Hamlet Captain 
3x Precinct Captain
3x Riders of Gavony 
3x Crusader of Odric 
2x Attended Knight 
2x Odric, Master Tactician 
2x Silverblade Paladin 
1x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
1x Herald of War 
1x Deranged Outcast
1x Thraben Doomsayer
1x Elite Inquisitor
1x Angelic Overseer
1x Mentor of the Meek
1x Captain of the Watch
1x Champion of Lambholt
1x Elder of Laurels
1x Fiend Hunter

2x Arrest
3x Increasing Devotion
3x Rancor
1x Descendant's Path

13x Plains
8x Forest
3x Sunpetal Grove

I wanna know what in here is bad or if there is better choices for cards? Attendend Knight is in no other human decks around on the site but it helps out with having lots of creatures. It makes Champion of Lambholt have two additional +1/+1 counters, it makes Crusader of Odric stronger, etc. Deranged Outcast Is also never used for green white humans, If Thraben Doomsayer is pumping out tokens you can sacrifice them to make cards like Silverblade Paladin stronger. There's alot of good combos in this deck in my poinion but I know it can be built better. Please reply.

How are you playing G/W humans without 4x Champion of the Parish 4x Silverblade Paladin and 4x Mayor of Avabruck[/c]?? These are the cards you NEED to get. 

Based off the cards you use, you want your deck to look more lik this:

This is by no means perfect, but this is a general idea of how you want to run this deck. Completely get if you dont have all these cards or dont want to throw a ton of money at it, but its something to work towards.Hopefully this helps

my list could be a pretty good starting point. Add Sublime Archangel if you have them.
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