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I have a few questions about playing Two-Headed Giant games.

If I attack with a creature and select player A of the other team as the attack target, can player B of the other team use their creatures to block?
Mainly I need to know if teammates can block for each other.

Second, if I play Restoration Angel, can I target a creature my teammate controls?

Also is there a site that has in-depth rules on Two-Headed Giant rules?  I have looked around and there seems to only be basic rules.

You always attack the opposing team as a team and they block as a team, you do not attack individual players, though you decide which player takes the combat damage when it is dealt.

You can only target a creature you control with the angel's ability. While you play as a team, you are individual players controlling only your own spells and permanents.

For official rules on THG, look up the multiplayer variants in the Comprehensive Rules, you can download the current version here:

I started up my next community draft in the limited forums. This time around the format is Zendikar/Worldwake/Rise of the Eldrazi. So if you like to draft, come by and share your thoughts.

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My community draft experiment with DTK/DTK/FRF is concluded now. If you want to, you can check it out and maybe build some decks from the pools. I've already build my own take on that.


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you attack teams, not individual players
both players of a team can block attackers coming their way

Restoration Angel cannot target creatures your teammate controls

810. in the comprehensive rules covers 2HG, in addition to 800. for the general multiplayer rules
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Cool!  Thanks for the replies.  I am new at the THG games but it seems fun from what we have tried.  Just wanted to make sure we were playing correctly.  

Thanks again! 
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