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Hi all, im pretty new to the D&D rulesets, but i am familiar with forgotten relms.

Im interested in getting involved with an online game, if anyone is running or knows of any games that i could get into id like to get involved. Im available in regards to skype etc.
I am currently looking for a few player for the online game I Dm. We play on Saturdays 8 pm eastern standard time using skype for the voice chat, maptools and Hamachi for the VPN (hamachi is free). Contact me by skype my name is dranged.lark

The play style is very laid back as is my Dming yes the story has it's dark moments but it has laso has very comical ones

The group is currently 5th lvl and have been playing since level one. The party contains a fighter, Bard, Barbarian, Sorcerer, and hybrid barbarian/skald. The setting is forgotten realms about midway thou 1480 DR set in and around Phlan on the northern shores of the Moonsea. The campaign is somewhat story heavy with a good mix of Rping and combat I rarely use skill challenges.
The character creation is standard array or point buy 22 points with one theme and background allowed per character. If you do not have access to themes and backgrounds I can work with you to select one. Also new players to D&d or just D&D 4e are welcome and I will be more then glad to help you build your character and give advice. I would like this campaign to go advance all the way thou to epic if i have the players who want to do so.

I regularly run one shot pick-up games on the GTO Virtual Table. Its a free VT with built-in voice chat. No need for Skype.

You can find the forums for regular D&D games or Living Forgotten Realms here on the 
Online Roleplaying Game Group.

And the Virtual Table can be accessed from the Campaign Manager.

Hop on there from time to time and check out games that may suit you and  see if you like it

Best of luck !
I like your test in  choosing an online game to play well, I want to suggest some cool games like Rakion, SilkRoad or Ellgium Online for sure you will enjoy playing those games.

Play zombie games
I am fairly new as well but i play with a group of people on wensdays didnt know if any of you guys would be acepting any other players into your games
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