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I will be joining an eberron campaign and the DM has a rule that we can't use the core classes, because he doesn;t want the same old boring group. I am not too sure what classes the other players are except for one who is a Binder of paimon. I was thinking of Playing a knight/Dragon Shaman who speciallizes in Lance/spear combat. The idea was to take a few levels in knight then focus on Shaman so I would be a freaking Panzer tank on the battlefield.

Of course I am a pathfinder guy, and I haven't touched 3.5 in years. I also tend to run the like of Rogue/Rangers Monk/Sorc and occasionaly the pure wiz. So I am not sure of good class and class combinations outside of the core. I may need to think up a different character to fill in a role left by the other players when I find out what they are. Any suggestions would be a great help. 
Well, I for one would be remiss if I didn't offer up the Artificer as the first option, seeing as I did write the (unofficial) book on them oh so many years ago.

Other than that, I would say my favorite non-standard class for Eberron would be the Dread Necromancer from Heroes of Horror.  Very good at finally making a one stop necromancer that isn't loaded down with stupid gimmicks like skeleton arms.  Doesn't have to be evil, just make them a Karnnathi who had the gift of sorcerery, which of course meant they were trained to maintain the undead armies.  Wars over, now you're a freelancer.
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