Dungeon! Clarification: Can Wiz pick up treasure immediately after defeating a monster with a spell?

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So a Wizard stops in front of a door and readies a Fireball or Lightening Bolt spell. He opens the door and blasts the monster inside from the safety of the hall.

If he defeats the monster can he continue his move into the room and loot it for treasure, or does he have to wait until next turn?

If you follow the normal order of play then you move first, then fight, then loot. So logically the Wizard would have to wait until next turn to move into the room and take the treasure. 

On the one hand, I like that other players could slip inside to steal the treasure between the Wizard's turn. On the other hand, the Wizard already has a tough go at winning this game. 

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I'm not really qualified to answer, but I will anyway since no one else had replied.

If it's move, attack, loot, I think the wizard should be able to look on the same turn if the treasure's right next to him, but not if he has to move.
The other players moving to get the treasure seems fair enough though, assuming they haven't already attacked.

Hopefully an experienced DM will reply and give a more authoritative answer.
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