Dollar store selling Magic The Gathering cards now?

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So I walked in the other day and noticed a clear package with MtG card back inside. I picked it up and flipped em over to see if they were indeed MtG and they had flipped the card over so you could not see what was inside. I figured I would spend a dollar on em and see what comes out of it....
Here are some pics. (Are these even legit?) I know the sets, and the cards are roughly $0.80 in total lol.


Those look like $.10 commons. Seems real.
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MTG Card
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I seen these at a dollar store recently, I pushed the cards up a little in a few of the packs to confirm what I concluded the second I saw them, they are full of 10 cent commons. They are the real deal though.

                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

The Dollarama in my town has been selling these for a while. They are not just $.10 commons. I have pulled a temporal mastery out of one. and another I got a fiend hunter. Also every pack that I have bought had an unset card in it. never anything spectacular, but they are not just $.10 commons
I've bought 2 of these so far. Each one had one rare. Not exactly big-money rares (one was Oblation, the other was Stone Idol Trap), but better than the crud-commons I expected.

A lot of foreign cards, too.

Looking over my most recent one:

Stone Idol Trap (rare)
Gaea's Balance (uncommon)
Talisman of Dominance (uncommon)
Corrupting Licid (uncommon; Japanese?)
Counsel of the Soratami (Spanish: Consejo de los soratami)

And a bunch of english-language commons (Seeker of Skybreak, Sigil Blessing, Plated Sliver, Lightning Elemental, Waxmane Baku, Wanderbrine Rootcutters).
I've spent much on Presstine Magic card boosters from the Dollar Store, and the nicest cards I've pulled are Psychatog, Stromgald Crusader, and a Kobold. They've often got rares, but every so often you'll encounter a "print run" where you just pull the same pack full of sucky commons over and over again...
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